Problem Child
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I'm Erika, a walking paradox.

i never really put texts on my tumblr because the pictures i put on here say everything i fail to say. The pictures i post are always based on how i’m feeling. You can easily see when i’m feeling hopeless, or mad or happy, and in the end i find it so interesting to scroll down my own tumblr and remember exactly how i felt at the moment that i posted a certain picture. I love that.

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i feel like i will wait forever
And I wish i could tell you i love you & just know that it bothers me to the depths of my heart that i can’t call you MINE.
baby tell me that you love me.
oreowh0re said: hey, your tattoo came up on my dashboard and i love the font! what's it called?

actually I wrote it myself, i got inspired by alot of fonts but i wrote it !